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Looking for a life free from spectacles or contact lenses?

2014-05-30 06:56:56

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Join the 100’s of people who have been enjoying the benefits of corrected eyesight with Nocturnal since 2002!

If you’re not keen on the idea of laser eye surgery then Nocturnal and Orthokeratology contact lenses could be just right for you! They are only worn when you sleep, correcting your short sight by gently changing the shape of your eye without the need for surgery. The purpose of these revolutionary lenses is to provide improved vision throughout the day without having to wear spectacles or contact lenses. That’s right, no more eye discomfort or dryness! They are also a great solution for people participating in water sports as you won't need to wear lenses under water. Contact us at Glyn Jones today to find out more!

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Why choose Nocturnal Lenses?

  • Patients as young as 16 can wear Nocturnal lenses
  • Nocturnal lenses can be worn if you have tired or dry eyes
  • They work well with mono-vision, enabling you to see both long and short distances
  • Nocturnal lenses offer the same vision correction as laser eye surgery with freedom from spectacles.
  • They are individually designed especially for your eyes
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Here are some of the FAQs for Nocturnal Lenses

Will I be able to see if I get up in the night?
Yes, you will see clearly with the lenses in and improved vision when your eyes are open!

Are Nocturnal - Orthokeratology lenses painful?
No! The technology used to design the gas permeable lenses ensures they are a great fit and that you won’t be aware of them during the night.

Tired or dry eyes with contact lenses?
Not only does Nocturnal provide visual freedom but comfort as well. With no contact lenses during the day your eyes can breathe and moisten themselves naturally. This improves comfort and even some allergies.

 Image showing man wearing nocturnal lenses

What if I forget to wear my lenses one night?
You will still be able to see the next day but you may notice your vision changing that evening. Some people only need to wear their lenses every second night.

What happens if Nocturnal doesn’t work for me?
The effects are reversible. Simply stop wearing the lenses and your eyes will return to normal.

Can the correction wear off when I am driving in the evening?
Your vision is very stable with Nocturnal. It will never wear off quickly enough to be a danger.

Is everyone suitable for Nocturnal?
Only short sight (-4.50 or less) and low astigmatism can be corrected fully with Nocturnal.

If you’re looking for an alternative to laser eye surgery call us at Glyn Jones on 01782 212 666

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